Toolwire Citrix error

Fix for Toolwire Desktop not loading Desktop or Lessons

Step 1: Click Start Icon

Step 2: Type in Control Panel

Step 3: Select Java

Step 4: Click “Security” Tab

Step 5: Go down to Exception Site List and click “Edit Site List”

Step 6: Please add the following URL’s as displayed and click “ok”

Step 7: Click “General” Tab

Step 8: Go down to Temporary Internet Files and click “Settings…”

Step 9: Click “Delete Files…”

Step 10: Ensure all are selected and click “Ok”

Step 11: Go back to the control panel and select “Programs and Features”

Step 12: Please confirm that you have Citrix Receiver installed

Step 13: Access the course through Firefox

Step 14: Click the Lessons Icon. Then enter any lesson.

Step 15: Once the lesson appears click the Add-on Icon

Step 16: Ensure they all say “Allow and Remember” and click “Ok”